Friday, June 24, 2011

Gettin' My Shit Together- Weeks 1 and 2

Oh... this poor, neglected blog. It's withering. Dying. I'm so very flighty...

Anyway, I'm now on a mission. My life is not the life I wanted. It is not the one I asked for or ordered. And since no one seems to know the correct department for exchanging lives, I'll just have to spruce up this one.

This will be a many step process, attempted in 2 week segments. These first two weeks (beginning today, dammit, no matter how stupidly tired I might be after work) are all about me and my marriage.

My marriage is in a constant state of iffy. We're not happy. We're not necessarily unhappy either. It's just kind of a blech, unfulfilled place to be. And it's time to change all of that.

As for me, I'm not who I want to be. I used to be adventurous, fun-loving, outdoorsy, athletic (while completely shunning all official athletics). Now I'm just... mom. It's very boring just being mom and nothing more.

In the next two weeks I will, under threat of constant harassment by those who love me most... or at least put up with me most often-

* Go to the gym at least 3 times each week. Because I am weak and soft. And I do not enjoy being weak and soft. And because it will now be the time spent with my oldest who is also now my official gym buddy.

* Hug my husband daily. How does something like this fall by the wayside?!?

* Spend less time tolerating the company of neighbors and more time enjoying the company of my husband. Outside watching the kids play, inside watching a show, wherever.

* Force that darling husband of mine to sit down and eat dinner with us. No, he doesn't want to but the fact is- it keeps him connected and he's always happier when he does. A clear example of 'Mama knows best'.

* Read. A lot.

* Pay attention to what my husband wants but isn't asking for. That's code for 'have more sex'. Guaranteed.

* Start boxing on the weekends. Because it's awesome and- let's face it- I'm sort of aggressive.

The kids have a million little friends in the neighborhood. Tayler has a constant companion (usually in my house) and Taryn is at Pre-K all day. They have friends everywhere. They play all day long and any time spent with me- their mother- is perceived as punishment anyway. So for the next two weeks, they can taste freedom. Let them run around outside all evening. Let them spend every waking moment with their friends or cousins. That's perfect. Because these 2 weeks are all about me and my marriage.

I promise to continue feeding and watering the children.
Immediately following this 2 week attempt at being a more fulfilled person in a more fulfilled marriage, my little family is going camping. Which is perfect because the next 2 weeks will focus on continuing what I'm doing here and adding two more things... one of which is My Kids- focusing on their schedules, and behaviors. Which is really awesome because it means that I could, in theory, turn our camping trip into wilderness boot camp. You know, if the need arises. Or just if I feel like it. Because being just a mom is kind of boring. But being a mom with a sense of adventure can be very entertaining :) But mostly just for me.

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  1. You are a focused woman, and you know what's important! I cheer you on, More-Than-Mommy!